Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let's etsy!

Just over here getting the Pottery Verve etsy shop back up and running! It will take a bit of practice and time working out some of the kinks! 

You can click Pottery Verve on etsy to see a good old fashioned butter dish right away. Keep an eye out for updates! For your entertainment I'll create a lovely Treasury of my favourite new Springy items! Let's keep in touch!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pottery Verve Spring 2015 Studio Classes-May Start!

Vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.
spirit - pep - vivacity - zest - vigour - vigour

Spring Vase or Tea Set 

Learn one of two projects! Spring vase uses slab hand building techniques with stamping and underglazes. Your vase will measure approximately 12” x 6” wet. Tea Sets use pinch pot hand building techniques, a handle and spout. Come prepared to get muddy, learn patience and have fun! $90 per person 3 hours min. Maximum 5 people. Everyone chooses the same project, yet no two ever turn out the same! Includes instruction, clay, use of studio tools, and glaze.

Wheel Throwing Basics I & II

I) Learn basic wheel throwing techniques!
This beginner series of four classes will introduce you to the basic skills of centering, coning and throwing a cylindrical shape. Try a handle too! You may even take home your first mug or cup. $120/person 4 classes 60 min. each

II) Practice Makes Pottery!
This series will get you elbows deep in a box of clay to really practice your skills. You will practice cylinders and bowls. And wedging! You will have a mug, a bowl and basic glaze. $160/person 4 classes 60 min. each

Classes begin May 2015

Also available: 

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES at your place! - Pottery Verve loves to bring the party! You bring the cake and the kids! Let's work together and make a fantastic party, perfect for the Special Birthday Kiddo. Have a theme? AWESOME! I will design a project with your theme in mind. Ages 6+ $25/child 60-90 min. Includes clay, tools, choice of glaze and firing. Cool or what?!
  • GIRLS' NIGHT! - Dontcha just wanna try something new for a change? RIGHT!? Let's get this party started! Get dressed in your favourite slouchy tops and tights, grab yourself some girly punch and a couple of your Besties. You will have a blast creating your own hand built and personalized Girlie Drink Holder. Don't worry, it will be fine! Studio can accommodate up to 5 friends at a time. Your house? No limit! $40/person includes instruction, clay tools, choice of glaze and firing. Who's in?
email for more information

Monday, February 16, 2015

Electric Cobra Yoga Facebook Page

So many new things happening in the life of this artist! I have started a personal and private yoga studio called 
Electric Cobra Yoga! (click the link!)

Emphasizing lifestyle, using yoga techniques and asana practice, to promote both physical and mental well-being. It's fun, it's inclusive. It's yours. Let me bring yoga to YOU! In the comfort of your space. Or in my cozy, quiet space. 


Electric Cobra Yoga is offering all new clients a very special rate to get 
moving right away. The Grand Opening rate is 3 personalized classes for $90. 
You are welcome to join me in my private studio, or I would love 
to join you in the comfort of your own home. I am looking forward 
to working with everyone individually to create a dynamic home practice. 

You can email me to purchase your 3 sessions at


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